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You can conveniently avoid clogging problems by adopting some precautionary measures. Avoid brushing your hair over the bathroom sink and throw away hair in the bathtub instead of washing it down the drain. There are also many products available at your local home improvement center to clear slow or clogged drains. Accumulated foreign objects blocking the防漏水 drainage pipe under the sink often hinder proper drainage. Your kitchen, much like your bathroom is susceptible to leaks. Often times you can repair a small leak with the right equipment on hand, depending on where the leak originates. The above tips will help you and your toilet enjoy a long and happy association. According to a survey on the life expectancy防漏水 洗手間 通渠 of materials done by the National Association of Home Builders a few years ago, a toilet can last 50 years. That is of course , that it is given reasonable care. To learn more about preventive care for your toilets visit Toiletology 101. Toiletology 101防漏水 began as a three hour Plumbing Repair Clinic in the 1970s for water utilities in the Washington DC area The Clinics covered the principal plumbing concerns of consumers:.. Dripping faucets and running toilets The goal of the Clinics was to encourage consumers to keep their . Another common service call is the faulty garbage disposal. Even if you do not use your disposal frequently, the mechanical防漏水components will age over time. If you are facing a minor problem due to this reason, then you are lucky. Many times, the reset button on the bottom of the disposal has tripped. A simple reset by pressing it usually works perfectly.